Definovať o genki desu ka


Jul 04, 2016 · Genki desu 元気です). According to WHO data published in 2014, the life expectancy for men in Japan is 80 years old. While that of women reaches a staggering 87 years old. Given that Japan has the highest ranked life expectancy in the world, it is not surprising that “o genki desu ka?” (お元気ですか) is a common Japanese greeting.

Watashi wa … desu – I am … or Onamae wa … desu – My name is … Ima wa anata o genki desu ka? English. anata o genki desu ka? Last Update: 2019-09-24 Usage Frequency: Aizuchi können auch so genannte „Echo-Fragen" sein, die aus einem Substantiv und der Fragepartikel „desu ka" bestehen. Aizuchi can also take the form of so-called echo questions, which consist of a noun plus " desu ka ".

Definovať o genki desu ka

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元気だった? 4. How are you recently? Mar 19, 2008 · "Ogenki desu ka" literally means "Are you well"? But, a better translation in English, able to be related to is "How are you?" [Further Notes: O adds more formality to "genki" and the sentence itself, "desu" is a formal ending, and "ka" denotes it as a question.] The above is the polite way to ask the 'o' before 'genki' is honorific and 'ka' is the question marker.

Rocket Languages - Love your language-learning journey. When you're in Japan it's really important to have some basic Japanese phrases up your sleeve, to help you out when you need it.

Definovať o genki desu ka

Good morning (formal) O-hisashiburi desu ne. I haven't seen you for a long time. Translate O genki desu ka. See Spanish-English translations with audio pronunciations, examples, and word-by-word explanations.

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Definovať o genki desu ka

In many Japanese learning textbooks – お元気ですか is one of the first phrases that you will learn. This is true for our Japanese lessons as well. “Genki desu ka(げんきですか)” is used at the very beginning of an interaction with someone. Usually after a common greeting like: おはようございます Genki (元気) means “Health" or “Energy”, and uses the kanji 元 for “Origin” or “Beginning”, and the kanji 気 for “spirit”. The initial “o” is a modifier to make the word more “formal” or (as I’ve heard one person describe it) more “Beautiful”. desu is a copula indicating “existence” (often described as “to be”) O Genki Desu Ka? Is the closest expression to asking how one is in Japanese.

Sumimasen – Excuse Me. If asking questions or directions, you may start with this line to locals or strangers.

Definovať o genki desu ka

When you're in Japan it's really important to have some basic Japanese phrases up your sleeve, to help you out when you need it. And in that case, they say it in past tense: お元気でしたか (o-genki deshita ka). “Are you…” in Japanese. A basic sentence pattern for asking questions is _ ですか (_ desu ka). You can ask “Are you…” in Japanese with this phrase. Like: 日本人ですか (Nihonjin desu ka) – “Are you Japanese?” Aug 05, 2009 · o hello, i am fine. o genki desu ka?

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Definovať o genki desu ka

No thanks. Konban wa. Good evening. Konnichi wa.


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Sep 13, 2016

is a set phrase that means "How are you?" But the literal word by work translation is as follows: Ogenki: the "o" is an honorary prefix. That makes the word more polite. genki means good health, good energy or something like that. Desu: desu is like the verb "to be". English translation of Ogenki desu ka - Translations, examples and discussions from LingQ. We use cookies to help make LingQ better. By visiting the site, you agree to our cookie policy .